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company history
AUTOMOTIVE REFINISH, was founded in 2009, started in Romania, Satu Mare City. We are one of the main players on the market of technical solutions for car paint with 2 main focuses: distrubution and retail.

We have started the company through the distribution division, serving as providers for the car dealers and car body shops. Subsequently, we expanded our presence in the market through the retail division, opening a national shop chain. We are happy to be partners and to offer support for any car paint center in Romania, no matter their size, by bringing in our 2 divisions and its dedicated teams.

We are offering the most variety of products needed for any paint body shop: refinish, abrasives, consumables, auxiliary materials, tools, and painting equipment.
Our products come from our international reputable partners, well-known in this markets.

AXALTA giant, former DuPont, the biggest global producer of paint represents our strategic partner, making us proud to be working together. Our list of business partnerships continues with notable names in our industry: MIRKA, Anest IWATA, 3M, Polin, Halvina- ARS, Bossauto, Cartotecnica Basic and RosAuto and our solid relationships are supporting our growth and continued ascension.
Currently we have 12 retail stores for auto paint and consumables in the most important cities in Romania. For locating the store in your city, click the link namedstores network.


Vision, Mission and Values

Our Vision Our vision is to be the number one choice, as a trusted partner for each auto paint center in Romania. Our vision is to offer technical solutions on color, as well as productivity solutions that are unmatched for your auto lot/auto market.

Our Mission Our mission is to build daily experiences and opportunities for growth for our bodyshops. Our promise is to be receptive and to adapt to the needs of our clients, to help them to reach their full potential, by offering technical consulting with the purpose of making our partner's car lots shinny and bright.

We are focused on our
clients' needs first

Our main priority is creating value for our partners, as well as to be constantly receptive on their expectations on product quality and the services offered. We are allocating most of our resources to understand and satisfy our partener's needs.
We are professionals
The quality of our products and our services is based on the quality of our staff, our team. Our experience, our reliability and the business principles we are employing in our business relationships are the main factors helping us to reach a high level of professionalism.
We work as a team
This is a principle we all believe in and that we build together with energy and creativity. We encourage and we acknowledge team work, our mutual support within the team, our staff's willingness to collaborate and to offer unconditional support to one another. We celebrate together individuals wins, as well as collective wins.
We believe in communicating
and streamlining

Constant communication with our clients and our staff members, our team, from the beginning of our collaboration and during the length of it, is vital for our success. In our relationship with our clients, we focus on streamlining the flow, this way offering them comfort and ease. Constantly, we cut through complexity by simplifying the flow.
We believe in learning
and growth

We are permanently focused on self growth, on promoting new ideas, on sharing the best practices and on developing a high performance team. We support and encourage our staff members to grow and learn together with the projects they focus on. We are exciting to discover new topics, to learn fast and to remain open to the changes in the market while adapting to it.

The Team and Headquarters

With teams specifically focused on the main divisions, our specialists in the sells and technical support, Automotive Refinish is permanently helping in the growth of our business partners. Our expertise, our commitment and the vast experience of our team determines the relationship with our partners.

Our two headquarters located in Satu Mare and Bucharest. Here we built and developed teams, both sells teams and technical support teams. This way, both headquarters are reaching in a strategic way the needs of our business partners and therefore contributing to the growth of their businesses.

Use the interactive map below to discover the nearest store in your area. Click on the map to find the address and contact details of the stores or see store information and work schedule.

Arad Store

Str. Eftimie Murgu, nr.1-3,
Arad, jud. Arad

Baia Mare Store

Bvd. București, nr.35,
Baia Mare, jud. Maramureș

București Store

Șos. Viilor, nr. 13,
sector 5, București

Cluj Napoca Store

Str. Câmpina, nr.46,
Cluj Napoca, jud. Cluj

Constanța Store

Șos. Mangaliei, nr. 60,
Constanța, jud. Constanța

Craiova Store (zona Craiovița)

Str. C. Brâncoveanu, nr. 36,
Craiova, jud. Dolj

Craiova Store (zona Romanești)

Str. Nicolae Romanescu, nr. 97
Craiova, jud. Dolj

Oradea Store

Str. Lapușului, nr.40,
Oradea, jud. Bihor

Râmnicu Vâlcea Store

Str. Alexandru Papiu, nr.1,
Râmnicu Vâlcea, jud. Vâlcea

Satu Mare Store

B-dul Lucian Blaga, nr.109,
Satu Mare, jud. Satu Mare

Târgu Jiu Store

Str. Tudor Vladimirescu, nr. 125,
Târgu Jiu, jud. Gorj

Timișoara Store

Str. Nicolae Andreescu, nr.80,
Timișoara, jud. Timiș