Consulting and technical assisting

Consulting and technical assisting offered to our clients during the lenght of our partnership is the essential aspect that defines our entire business.

The painting process is an art and we know it the best. Therefore, to answer to all of our client's expectations regarding our services and products, we are employing a strong team of technical consultans, trained in this technical aspects, with a solid experience in this field. Our technical support team is ready to offer the entire support and knowledge on maximizing the usage of our products.

Few of the aspects of support offered to you by our technical team:

They are next to you in resolving any application or color challenges

They are offering application demos to show you the high quality and high performance of our recommended products

They help you easily understand, know and apply the technical documentations and specific technologies of our products

They are next to you from the first steps of the installation of the mixing equipment

They offer technical training on site, at the bodyshop for its teams

They offer suggestions, recommendations, consulting, coaching regarding efficiency of work flow

They keep you updated on the latest products and recent developments in the field

They teach you how to apply the products for better productivity, better time and best results.

For any technical challenges or questions, do not hesitate to contact us by using the following email address Our technical team will contact you back shortly to offer you support and answer all your questions.

Have you had any colour challenges?

Sometimes, the blending process is the perfect solution for you. Watch the following video and discover the correct application solution from our Cromax Pro consultant

For Cromax Pro painting products, Duxone and Nason, we are offering access to our DIGITAL COLOUR MANAGEMENT, the IT system for colour management.

Are you interested in our Cromax Pro products?

Access the IT system here

Are you interested in our DUXONE products?

Access the IT system here

Are you interested in our NASON products?

Access the IT system here

Technical training programs

The success of our clients means shinny and perfect colours. This is possible only with a well prepared paint technical team, with years of experience in the refinishing field.

That is why we are training our paint teams through demos and regular visits to our clients. The most important aspect is offering our clients the opportunity to participate to our training classes all across Europe, directly at our global producers.

Why are we doing this? We believe it is essential that all of our clients are up to speed with everything that is new in the auto refinish field: from products that are newly launched, to new technical concepts and new technics of repair and paint. The final purpose is our results: a high standard for the painting process, with high quality and precised productivity.

We are opening soon our own training center where our clients will be welcome to discover the most recent auto refinishing news and will learn how to increase their productivity and reduce costs in their body shops.