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Spray  gun IWATA W 400 WBX

  Main features:

  • Improved atomization with waterbased coatings
  • The WBX applies waterborne basecoats and HS clearcoats with superior atomization and control.
  • The WBX air cap has a long, flat, fan pattern, which gives an even overlap on modern paints. This is essential for mottle-free basecoat application and a flat and even lay down on clears.
  • The WBX delivers a consistent droplet size when atomizing. This is vital to achieve a consistent application of waterborne basecoats.
  • Fluid delivery control is essential for colour reproduction of waterborne basecoats. This is achieved when you have the X FACTOR.


Automotive Refinish S.R.L

Founded in 2009, headquartered in Satu Mare, Automotive Refinish witnessed a rapid development, reaching now to be one of the most important providers of products for car bodywork and painting in Romania.

Automotive Refinish provides its customers supplies for car painting and permanent technical assistance pre and post sale, according to European quality standards.

At the base of our activity is our professional team which has focused attention around the Customer, providing him the guarantee of the best service and high quality of the safest and reliable products


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